Alignment and Tire Services

Hunter Hawkeye Elite Wheel Aligner

  • Drive on flush mount lift, even the lowest vehicles can be aligned
  • Computerized Full 3D Camera System
  • The most accurate alignment available
  • Bump Steer graphs
  • All suspension types can be accurately adjusted


Corner Balancing

After installing adjustable suspension the car must be properly scaled to ensure even cross balance.  Imagine a table with uneven legs, this is how your car feels with a uneven cross balance.  For peak performance and to maximize the capabilities of your new suspension you must get your vehicle corner balanced.  

Mounting and Balancing

State of the art Hunter Tire mounting machine and Road Force Balancer allow us to properly mount your tires and wheels without risk of damage to either the tire or wheel. The Hunter Road Force Balancer will provide the most accurate and optimal balance you can get.  No vibration at any speed.